Volunteer Mixer v.2

Freddy Hahne, President, BRAF Board of Directors, “Grant Seeking”

Nick Morgan, BRAF Board of Directors “BRAF Events”
Michael Barbarino “Web Development”
Johnathan “ScrapEden”
Harley Dubois, BRAF Vice President Board of Directors “Grants to Artists”
Dicky Davies, BRAF Board of Directors “Grants to Artists”
Mark Sinclair, BRAF Board of Directors “Civic Arts and Fundraising”
Harley Dubois, founding member of both the Burning Man Board and the BRAF Board hosted the evening, and just in case you were not there I thought you might like to see her note to the volunteers after the evening.

Dear BRAF Volunteers,

What a wonderful mixer we had last week! It was a real success. To those of you new to volunteering for BRAF, and are now new to this announcement list, welcome! To those of you currently volunteering with BRAF who were able to attend the mixer, I cannot thank you enough for joining us. There is no better person for a new volunteer to connect with than a committed and active volunteer. Your continued support is the key to our success. Thank You! I hope you feel the love coming through this email.

For those of you couldn’t make it, we had about 50 attendees. We presented quick overviews of nine different areas of volunteer needs:

Civic Arts
Grants to Artists
Grant Seeking
BRAF Events
Scrap Eden
Web Development
The BRAF Blog and social networking
Children’s Programming

It is not too late to express interest in any area. In fact, it is perfect timing. Just email volunteers @blackrockarts.org  (volunteers @blackrockarts.org)   and we will be in touch.

Thanks everyone for a fun and engaging evening.


Harley K. Dubois
Vice President
Grants to
Artists Chair
Black Rock Arts Foundation

photos: Patricia Rusich

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