Seraphim Dance Theatre at the ARTumnal Gathering

Seraphim Dance Theatre is a new Music and Dance performance group, summoned from the collaborative ether, featuring a fresh blend of multidimensional visionary performance art, music and story telling. With precision choreography, dynamic visual art, and live symphonic soundscapes, Seraphim focuses on offering original and inspiring art that is the evocation
of revolution and the human spirit.

The Seraphim show features an all original live and electronic music score by David Block of The Human Experience, teaming up with Vocalist Amae Love who provides her insightful lyrics and melodies to a provide a fiercely soulful live performance. Together they weave psychedelic layers of melody and harmony with organic grooves to create a live electronic symphony brimming with human emotion.

We are looking forward to seeing this exciting new show at the ARTumnal Gathering this Saturday night and hope you will be there to see it with us.

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