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We at the Black Rock Arts Foundation would like to tell you about a new, exciting project that’s in the works, spearheaded by our very own Advisory Board Member Leo Villareal. Greatly influenced by his first experiences at Burning Man, back in 1994, Leo has created an impressive body of work of large scale, immersive light sculptures. He continues to…Keep reading >>


Untitled, a photo by AkeLeslie on Flickr. On Thursday Nov. 3 Sean Orlando and some of the crew from both the Nautilus and the Raygun Gothic Rocketship brought the Nautilus to the Rocketship and had a little party! Sean Orlando gave a talk in the afternoon at Landor and Associates, then they all piled in the sub and drove it…Keep reading >>


BRAF Grantees Across the YearsThe deadline for applying for a grant from the Black Rock Arts Foundation is fast approaching… Attention artists! In an effort to streamline our grant application process, the Black Rock Arts Foundation has initiated a new step to our application instructions. To apply for a grant from BRAF, you will now need to submit a Letter…Keep reading >>