2003 Grant Recipients


Madagascar Institute East
Chris Hackett

Chris Hackett, director of Madagascar Institute in Brooklyn New York, has secured a workshop and living quarters in Berlin. For those of you who attended Burning Man in 2002, you are likely familiar with their piece Creature of the Deep. Read more about the Madagascar Institute on their site.

Jeff Hoefs & Peter Chester (Sound Analogous)

Jeff & Peter initially constructed a sculpture that embodied a terminal which responded with sound to the movement of a person around it. With their grant in 2003, a second sculpture was created and placed in a location remote to the first sculpture. The sculptures were linked, and participants “communicated” with one another by responding to the each other’s sounds.

The Tunnel of Transformation
Michael Moss, Charlie Smith

Michael Moss brought Charlie Smith’s latest sculptural delight, the Tunnel of Transformation, on its maiden voyage to Burning Man. After the event, Michael & Charlie took the Tunnel of Transformation to it’s next stop-over with the help of a Black Rock Arts Foundation grant in 2003.

BurningSNOW Center
Eric Griswold
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Eric Griswold, regional coordinator for Burning Man and community builder in his own right, maintains a gallery and workspace which he uses to bring folks together for workshops for building art and learning.