Black Rock Arts Foundation – Newsletter – September 2014

In this issue: The Artumnal Gathering: Tickets go on sale September 15! Last chance to donate to Burning Man art projects Thanks for visiting us at Burning Man! Sunset Piano Opus 3 Upcoming Events Artist Update Michael Christian’s Bike Bridge in Gerlach, Nevada Attention Artists! Grant Applications available October 1, 2014 Grantee Updates Symphony in D Minor artists’ new project

Black Rock Arts Foundation – Newsletter – July 2014

In this Issue: Make a tax-deductible donation to a Burning Man-bound art project! Artist Update Goodbye, Future’s Past! Hello, Soma! Opening Reception, August 1! Goodbye, Defenestration! Grantee Update Hung Viet Tran (Forever Our Change. Dream Your Mind) Soundwave (Illuminated Forest) The Cabinet of Curiosity Project Compression Sesquicentennial Peregrinations River of Wings Before I Die… Cardboardia Burning Baskets

Black Rock Arts Foundation – Newsletter – June 2014

In this Issue: Fiscal Sponsorship for Burning Man Honorarium art Sunset Piano Opus 3 next events Grantee Update Why Can’t the First Part of the Second Party be the Second Part of the First Party? Compression Sesquicentennial Peregrinations Towards the Green Surface River of Wings Hospitality House The Pool Global Lives Soundwave