BRAF Represents

Leslie Pritchett, former BRAF Executive Director, Current Board Member of the Crucible
Freddy Hahne, BRAF President of the Board
Mark Sinclair, BRAF Board Member
Melissa Alexander, former BRAF Exexutive Director, BRAF Advisory Board Member
Joe Olivier, BRAF Board Member and Tim Larson
Christopher Bently, BRAF Board Member
Amber Marie Bently, BRAF Advisory Board Member
Affinity Mingle, BRAF Advisory Board Member and Tom Mingle
The Black Rock Arts Foundation was well represented at The Crucible’s Fire & Light Soiree last weekend. We came out in force to support Leslie Pritchett, the Crucible’s new Board of Director’s Member. Leslie is a former Executive Director of the Black Rock Arts Foundation.
The celebration and art auction was great fun and we loved coming out to support The Crucible.

photos: affinity

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