Cocktails with BRAF – Burning Man 2009

Rae Richman, Secretary, BRAF Board of Directors, Linda Gass, Maria Partridge and Melissa Alexander, all BRAF Advisory Board Members

Alix Rosenthal, BRAF Board of Directors and Larry Harvey, Chairman of the BRAF Board

Rae Richman and Reverend Billy Talen

Steve Young, President, Crucible Board of Directors, Dr. Dennis Bartels, Executive Director, the ExplOratorium, Tomas McCabe, Executive Director, Black Rock Arts Foundation

Joe Olivier, BRAF Board of Directors, Freddy Hahne, President, BRAF Board of Directors

Harley Dubois, Vice President, BRAF Board of Directors, Loren Carpenter, BRAF Advisory Board

Josie Schimke, BRAF Program and Development Assistant, Freddy Hahne and Tomas McCabe

Jewel, BRAF Volunteer and Affinity, BRAF Advisory Board Member

JennyBird, artist and Gabrielle, Glass Artist

Dana Harrison, BRAF Advisory Board Member and Executive Producer,

Artists and Black Rock Arts Foundation supporters got together for a few drinks and snacks at Burning Man on Thursday. It is always great to meet the people who are creating and instigating art, and this was no exception.

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